I have noticed that more and more people nowadays can't have gluten, and some can't have dairy, either. I have just found this amazing blog that has no gluten or dairy. How fantastic is that for those out there who long for a comfort food, but is loaded with gluten? In fact, sometimes having gluten and dairy free stuff even tastes better, and I'm betting it's loads better for you. Just the other day I made a brownie recipe, and the main ingredient is black beans! It tasted just like brownies, the texture was divine, plus it didn't have any sugar! You never would have guessed! Here is the link to the other blog: http://cookingglutenfree.blogspot.ca/

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    Hannah Harper

    I have loved doing crafts, cooking, and writing all my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had great joy helping make cookies (though I probably was more of a bother than a help!) and I loved putting my heart into drawings that only I could understand.  That is, until I would run off and do something else! Though I do not know you, and probably never will, I hope with all my heart that you will grow in your joy of creating items with your hands and heart.


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