Have you ever had an old tee-shirt and didn't want to throw it away? Here are 5 good things to do with an old adult sized shirt. Have fun!
  1.  Cut off the sleeves of the shirt so the sleeve makes a slant where it was attached  to the rest of the shirt. There should be a longer side and a shorter side. On the shorter side, tie a piece of yarn. Slip it on your head, and wear it like a bandana.
  2. Cut off the collar on a shirt. Decorate with permanent markers, and wear as a necklace.
  3. Short of a headband? Cut off the cuff of a shirt, and use that instead.
  4. Measure your favorite mug, and create a mug holder. Trace the circumference of the bottom of the mug onto the shirt. Cut that out, then with a tape measure, measure around the side and height of the mug. Cut out a rectangle in the shirt that big. In that rectangle, cut a hole down the side large enough for the handle. On one side of the hole, sew a button. Cut out a rectangle in the shirt long enough to go from the button to the other side of the cloth. Sew it to the side without the button, and cut a hole on the side of the button, big enough to let the button stay in place. Sew the long rectangle to the piece of cloth you cut out first. Enjoy your mug holder!
  5. Use scraps from these projects to wrap gifts, cover a notebook or cork board, or to save for a small project or quilt.
Lindsay Seattle
6/20/2012 15:41:04

These look great!

Hannah Harper
9/28/2012 02:04:39

Thanks so much! I do prefer knitted things... but the call of the Tee-Shirt too great!


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