Slowly Saphire sliped the silver salamander to Sam. Sam, in return, gave a slight nod, then lept from his chair, making a wild dash for the end of the endless hallway in which they were entraped. However, he was cut off halfway by the fearsome henchmen of Hood. Making an attempt to grab the silver salamander from him, but only clung on to his shirtsleeve, tearing it to shreads in frustration. While they were so preocupied, Saphire had crept past them, to join Sam running to the door. "Were cut off!" She wispered, eyeing the bodygaurds aprihensively as they ran. "They locked the door behind us when we came in. We won't get out of here before Hood finds us!" Out of the darkness they were going through, came a terrible beast. One with glaring crimson eyes, like blood, and a nostril as big as a head, breathing down at them from a massive hight of 14 feet, crouched the Hood. "Not trying to escape, are you?" It said in raspy sort of wisper, as though he hadn't had a cup of water in a very long time.
    Can you feel the suspense? Are you on the edge of your seat? Biting your nails and does it end there!? What happens to Sam and Saphire? Suspense is a writer's best friend. Have it, and your reader will keep on reading, but without it, it is like a old fish. Smelly to the nose, slimy to the touch.

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