There are some fun, and easy ways to start writing, even if you think you do not have a clue how, or what, to write. Even if you have written for years, and are confident in what you should write, read on. This is fun, and while you are doing this, you might just grow in your joy of writing!
    To start getting ideas for your writing, go through facts, brainstorm, doodle, and/or pick out some nice notebooks, pens or pencils, and erasers. When you want to write, you can think of more things to write about then when you make yourself write!
Doodling can help calm stressed moods, but it also helps brainstorm ideas. Of course, this is better for those who like to draw.
At your nearest stationary store, they should have some cool notebook designs. As they say, there's a cap to match everyone, and it's true with notebooks too!
    If you have a favorite spot, either in your house or outside your house, think about using it as a place to write. Some people prefer to write around crowds, while others prefer to write in a quiet place. Once you find that place, you may find it easier to write when you know when you go to that place, that that is where you write. In fact, whenever you go you may find yourself itching to pull out that notebook and pen!
You can decorate with lavish designs, or simple ones. If you can't think of how you should put your personality into the space you have chosen, add a throw or pillow, as shown here.
Some people prefer busy places with a lot of noise to write.
Other people prefer quiet places where they can be alone to write.
    Once you have those key aspects figured out, find a time to write. Every day that you can manage, go to that place and write for a set amount of time. Write for at least the amount of time you set, but you can always write more. I know a lot of people prefer to write when they are calm. If you like writing while calm, try having a scented candle, or a hot drink while you write.
For some people, having a candle can help cam nerves and let them think better. It is also nice when writing.
Hot drinks are fun and nice to sip while writing. It is better when your train of thoughts are slower, because it makes a small gap, and you do not want that as much when you are frantically writing down your ideas.
It is good to have a time each day to write. To find the time which is best for you, you could ask yourself: when do you have the most ideas? Is there a time that I am available then? Will that fit in?
    What writing materials do you prefer? Pen, pencil, quill, or computer? What do you feel is the most comfortable? The best for you and your lifestyle? Pens can come in a lot of cool colors, and there is all sorts of different styes. If you like pencils, do you prefer mechanical pencils, or the normal wooden ones? And if you prefer computers, you can use different fonts, colors, and sizes to fit your personality. For most of us, quills are not the best choice, but if you are one of those people who can access them, they can be quite cool. Of course, if you chose to use the computer, it is always good to have a notebook to jot things down if you have no access to a computer.
Quills can be fun, but they are harder to access. They also require more work.
Computers are readily available, and are easier to use than some other writing materials.
Pencils are nice and add that sharp touch. They can be used for years, but they do have to be sharpened.
Pens are nice and comfortable, plus you can get them in cool colors. However, they can run out of ink.
    Once you figure out those things, you are pretty much set to go. Just remember that writing is a great journey, one that never really end.

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