Recently I finished a lovely, long scarf that is about five feet long! Here are some pictures...
"It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" (Despicable Me):P
Yes, it is lovely in the fall and winter. And of course, a one of a kind scarf does help. 
Yes, it does look better from here! And H for the lovely Hannah who is behind this mastermind evil of fluffy, rainbow, unicorn scarves. *He he he...* (evil laugh... the camera zooms out, and a granny is sitting in a rocking chair, knitting, with cookies and milk on a table. Yes, I hate stereotypical images. Leave no room for imagination!)

    Hannah Harper

    I have loved doing crafts, cooking, and writing all my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had great joy helping make cookies (though I probably was more of a bother than a help!) and I loved putting my heart into drawings that only I could understand.  That is, until I would run off and do something else! Though I do not know you, and probably never will, I hope with all my heart that you will grow in your joy of creating items with your hands and heart.


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