This morning, my throat hurt. After I had this soup, POOF! it was gone. It was like a cough drop that tastes great, and works for any day, whatever your mood be! And super easy, too...
I like having just plain soup, but if you prefer more stuff inside the soup, just add whatever you want (pretty much). If you prefer a tomato base, just add tomato paste or sauce. Or, if you like noodles, just cook some noodles and add it to it! Customizable and yummy... what more could you want?!
Serves 1-2 people, depending on how hungry they are... Of course, you could just use less water.
1 small carrot
  • 1 small onion (I used a green onion, and I used about a sprig (is that the right word?) of that.)
  • 1 liter water (I'm not exactly sure how much I used, so if this looks like too much or too little, add more or pour some out.)
  • 1 broth cube (I like to use mushroom and herb)
  • 1/4 tsp. salt
  1. Wash and peel the carrot. Cut off both ends, then cut in half the long way. Take one of those halves, then cut it in half again the long way. Cut the short way until all the carrot is diced. Repeat with the other side. (Note: sorry if I'm making this sound complicated, so if you don't understand what I'm saying, I don't blame you. Just dice the carrot)
  2. Cut the onion. (See! That was simpler) 
  3. On medium heat, cook the carrots and onion till the carrots are slightly soft, and the onions are translucent. Remove from heat and set aside.
  4. Boil the water, and turn off the heat. Add the broth cube and salt. Stir till the broth cube has dissolved. Add the carrots and onions, then stir and serve! (Notes: I like to add an ice cube when my soup is too hot. Note 2: I have this water heater thing that you can plug in, which boils water fa

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    Hannah Harper

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